Oct 5 2010

I’m Gonna Jump

It has been more months than I would like to admit to since I have jumped out of a plane, but the weather is getting nice so im gonna have to get my rig repack and throw myself out of a perfectly good airplane.

Here is a little motivational video a friend sent me. If it doesnt inspire you to jump out of a plane, maybe it will as least inspire you to do something awesome.

Top 10 Biggest and Best JUMPS ever!

The last one gives me chills, I cant imagine the relaxing horror of thinking you are in outer space forever.

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Apr 14 2010

3 Gun, 3 Times The Fun

After a couple years of not shooting as frequently as I should I decided to check out what the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club had to offer in the way of tactical shooting. I grabbed a couple guns I had laying around and gave it a go. I felt a little rusty and made some basic errors that cost me some time but overall I had a couple good runs and a lot of fun.  I was very impressed with the multiple stages and set ups as well as the range fees and people running the show. I’m gonna try and head over to CFRPC at least once a month. If you shoot guns and have not tried 3 gun or tactical pistol shooting, it adds another element of controlled haste that makes for quite the adrenaline rush (if you are into that sort of thing) I suggest any experienced shooter to give it a try.

In the video I am shooting my H&K pistol, a Remington 1100 Competition Master shotgun and the Bushmaster Modular AR-15 (with iron sights)

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Mar 25 2010

Product Review for Caged360.com

I had a chance to get up close and personal with the new Jaco Guardian Protective Cup System recently and this little video shows you the results. I took the pain so you dont have to… the full article is in the Caged 360 magazine on Caged360.com

To see the actual shooting you can click HERE and go right to the product review page.

If you would like to purchase a Jacos cup system or for more info on it HERE

dan hardy caged 360

This months issue of Caged 360 features and exclusive interview with UCF Title Contender Dan Hardy on his fight with GSP, training and being the next UFC Champion. Also features WEC ring girl Brittney Palmer and WEC fighter Chad George.

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Mar 10 2010

How Do You Feel About Guns?

I know how I feel

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Feb 4 2010

How Do You Get To Abu Dhabi?

Well you gotta be a bad dude, train hard and beat up a lot of people. It also helps if you win a qualifying tournament in the United States and get flown out to compete in the world championship Abu Dhabi Combat Club tournament.

Check out this video of my good friend and fighter Jim taking on his division and then a few higher belts in his weight class for a change to compete with some the the best grapplers in the world and a $10,000 first place prize.

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Jan 4 2010


Travis Pastrana really knows how to bring in the new year, after Robbie Maddison made leaping tall buildings look easy I thought no one could top that… But Travis is the real deal coo coo and I respect the hell out of that.

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Nov 2 2009

I’m gettting the Bold 2 aka Onxy Nov 17th

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Oct 21 2009

Blackberry Upadates: Bold 2 9700 and Texting While Driving a Ferrari

black berry Ninja

I cant wait for the Bold 2, aka Onyx, aka Bold 9700 to come out. Here is a sick little video that gives a sneak preview into the beauty that is the latest and greatest BlackBerry. Hopefully my inside sources will come through again at AT&T and allow me to get my hands on this baby a couple weeks before the official release date.

Some might know I am a bit of a Blackberry addict, there for i think this little texting while driving a Ferrari manuver is pretty funny. Look for it about a minute into the video, and its worth taking a glimps at the other tasks he can do while driving.

p.s. Don’t test and drive, it is not safe. Don’t knit either (driving or not…)

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Oct 19 2009

If you havn’t seen this walkout video already…

Then, its worth a look!

If that doesnt make you want to see a Kimbo Slice vs Seth Petruzelli rematch i dont know what will.

That took some balls, haha

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Sep 28 2009

Does Anyone Pay Attention to MMA Posters???

I have been seeing more and more flyers and posters advertising MMA as the sport continues to grow. It is certainly a great way to get an abundance of information out their for people to know about a fight, but should it be more than that?

vintage boxing postermuhammed ali vs rocky marciano poster

Clearly boxing event promotion gave rise to today’s classic “fight poster”. Most were simple and informative with a picture of two guys facing off, very little color and a basic event description.

They have quickly grown to include pictures of nearly the entire line up, several sponsors, websites, event information, and graphics that capture the audience (well sometimes).
horrible mma posterBATTLE- mma

Most of the posters the UFC puts out are on point, have all the right info, and focus on the fighters that are currently getting the heaviest marketing push, but they didn’t always have a full time graphic artist to get stuff done right.

With the popularity of MMA still growing and it not being uncomon for promoters to “invest” over 50 thousand into an event, why is it that there are so many posters that look like my nephew put the thing together in Paint? ? ?

ufc31_postercage_of_fire_mma_postermma posterbad fight Poster.jpe

Put some effort into it–maybe even hire an ARTIST to do it. Dont cram 22 guys on to a flyer so when you print it as a 4 by 6 postcard so they all look like ants. Get a website and put it on the flyer! Dont forget time, date and location (I have seen all of those omitted).  Sponsors are never a bad thing, but get their real logo and make it look good; they will be seeing this thing too.

Now you might be asking: So what does a “Good” MMA poster look like? Well I will gladly show you…

girl fight posterdream 11 posterk1_dynamite_08_posterrespect poster

In Japan they seem to get that sometimes less is more, so for my all time favorite MMA poster:

dream 7 poster

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