Does Anyone Pay Attention to MMA Posters???

I have been seeing more and more flyers and posters advertising MMA as the sport continues to grow. It is certainly a great way to get an abundance of information out their for people to know about a fight, but should it be more than that?

vintage boxing postermuhammed ali vs rocky marciano poster

Clearly boxing event promotion gave rise to today’s classic “fight poster”. Most were simple and informative with a picture of two guys facing off, very little color and a basic event description.

They have quickly grown to include pictures of nearly the entire line up, several sponsors, websites, event information, and graphics that capture the audience (well sometimes).
horrible mma posterBATTLE- mma

Most of the posters the UFC puts out are on point, have all the right info, and focus on the fighters that are currently getting the heaviest marketing push, but they didn’t always have a full time graphic artist to get stuff done right.

With the popularity of MMA still growing and it not being uncomon for promoters to “invest” over 50 thousand into an event, why is it that there are so many posters that look like my nephew put the thing together in Paint? ? ?

ufc31_postercage_of_fire_mma_postermma posterbad fight Poster.jpe

Put some effort into it–maybe even hire an ARTIST to do it. Dont cram 22 guys on to a flyer so when you print it as a 4 by 6 postcard so they all look like ants. Get a website and put it on the flyer! Dont forget time, date and location (I have seen all of those omitted).  Sponsors are never a bad thing, but get their real logo and make it look good; they will be seeing this thing too.

Now you might be asking: So what does a “Good” MMA poster look like? Well I will gladly show you…

girl fight posterdream 11 posterk1_dynamite_08_posterrespect poster

In Japan they seem to get that sometimes less is more, so for my all time favorite MMA poster:

dream 7 poster

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