3 Gun, 3 Times The Fun

After a couple years of not shooting as frequently as I should I decided to check out what the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club had to offer in the way of tactical shooting. I grabbed a couple guns I had laying around and gave it a go. I felt a little rusty and made some basic errors that cost me some time but overall I had a couple good runs and a lot of fun.  I was very impressed with the multiple stages and set ups as well as the range fees and people running the show. I’m gonna try and head over to CFRPC at least once a month. If you shoot guns and have not tried 3 gun or tactical pistol shooting, it adds another element of controlled haste that makes for quite the adrenaline rush (if you are into that sort of thing) I suggest any experienced shooter to give it a try.

In the video I am shooting my H&K pistol, a Remington 1100 Competition Master shotgun and the Bushmaster Modular AR-15 (with iron sights)

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