Sep 9 2009

Great MMA Highlight from Japan

I kind of feel like I missing out on some if this great MMA action after seeing this highlight. It is very well done and the author has a few other good ones too. Props to him and props to Japan for kicking ass.

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Aug 26 2009

Who Would Win an MMA Fight Bruce Lee or Iron Man?

Watch this and find out.

Clearly I have missed the boat on this video, I hope next time a video this awesome doesn’t get by me. The guy who made this is Patrick and here are some more sweet videos on his YouTube

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Aug 12 2009

Chipotle Took Me On A Date: To See Food Inc.

food inc poster movie

Chipotle paid for my girlfriend and I (as well as a few hundred other people) to see Food Inc. a couple weeks ago. Going into the movie I was unsure what to expect. Maybe some slaughter houses and someone telling me never to eat meat? Not so my friends. Instead, I got myself thorough education on how my meals got on my plate, from my bowl of cereal for breakfast, my chicken sandwich for lunch to my lasagna dinner my girl made me. And while I walked in with a decent amount of knowledge about diet and nutrition, I will tell you honestly, I was shocked by some of the things I saw. All I could think after the movie was “Why haven’t I seen this already? Everyone needs to see this. This should be in every high school nutrition class”.

Great Trailer for Food Inc.

I like to eat food that tastes good. I also like food that makes me feel good. When I’m training hard I cant afford to eat a cheeseburger, even if it cost less. I understand that very few people can make it happen to “eat good” every meal, but I believe that even if you are not eating as healthy as you could, if you eat food you should at the very least know what you are eating. Don’t be lazy and don’t turn your head as a consumer. Food Inc. is a straight forward presentation of information about the industrial food production and allows you to formulate your own conclusions and care as little or as much as you want about what is presented. But I assure you, you will care and wish you had known sooner.

Here is a cool special from Nightline:

Here is some more info from the Denver Post on Chipotle using local produce in their chain restaurant Link

If you actually made it this far you are probably asking what can little me do?

Well… Go see Food Inc, Go to the Food Inc. website, and dont be an ignorant consumer. I’m not telling everyone they should run to the health food store and never breakdown for a fast food cheeseburger, but standards are low for food quality and untill everyone asks for the standards to go up or people stop caring more about making money from food than making food that is safe and healthy for the consumer, it’s not going to change.

If all that doesnt do it for you then here is a sweet video of a guy downing a HUGE Chipotle burrito!

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Aug 7 2009

Best Girl Skydiving Commercial Ever Made!

I’m not sure what Feggaard is selling, but I’m ok with that. Its a fleet of topless, fake-breasted, hot, Swedish models jumping out of an airplane… enough said. Probably one of the best Internet only commercials made…

Here is a link to the original high quality footage LINK

I had this commercial on my site prior to it crashing but someone recently brought it to my attention that i should put it up again…

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Jul 22 2009

Spencer Pratt Fight Me Instead!!!

I had to google this kid just to figure out who he is and i still dont know… But i did find this cute little video that showed me what i dont like about him.

spencer pratt fight me

and a nice little picture of him getting armbarred by his girlfriend with his shiny purple belt on (I’m sure that was back in the day).

Listen Spencer, I understand why you don’t want to grapple Mayhem Miller, he is a pro fighter and  big dude and has skills you don’t… i understand that.

But if you wont grapple him please consider me!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • You’re a black belt!!!
  • I am a lowly blue belt
  • I haven’t done a tournament since i had my white belt
  • I have never fought MMA
  • I’m about your weight if not a little smaller (about 165) but ill cut if  you want me to
  • We will do it on your terms, 3min 5min, 10min, gi, No gi, MMA, whatever you want
  • I will come to California to you and we will grapple at Legends Hollywood (maybe Mayhem will referee to make sure i don’t get injured when you school me)
  • Here is the best part! -Afterwards no hard feelings, just a simple roll (or whatever) videotaped so the rest of the MMA/BJJ word can see how you stack up against an average blue belt.

I am even going let you call me to make sure I’m serious:

If you didnt see What Mayhem Miller had to say to Spencer here it is:
Jason Mayhem Miller (mayhemmiller) on Twitter
Maybe Mayhem would let a Monkey on his show…

-Monkey #028

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Jul 21 2009

How I got my Martial Arts Training

People ask me, where do you train? Do you do Karate? Boxing? BJJ? Wrestling? Well here is your answer…
Watch out people i have mad skills you dont even know about. *** sarcasm

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Jul 20 2009

Airplane Landing on the Beach …well kinda

Looks like a sick ass place to land, i dont know why he didnt just go around…

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Jul 17 2009

New Google Voice Line

So far i am diggin the google voice and added the Blackberry app to my phone so i can make calls easy.

I found this pretty cool little widget where you can put your number in and it calls your phone then connects you to my phone.

The voice mail setup is what really has me jazzed up, i hate checking voicemail so having it sent to my email is really nice. The sms set up online is also a great feature making it easy to go back and forth via text while in the office.

If you need to give me a call hit me up via the new google voice. Its also on my “who me” contact page for future notice.

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Jul 15 2009

Buffer 360 in Full Effect

Some of the truly hardcore MMA fans have know about the possibility of Bruce Buffer doing a 360 at UFC 100 for some time. For those who were unaware Joe Rogan and several others have been trying to convince Mr. Buffer to bring his famous Buffer 180′ around for another loop and do what was previously thought to be impossible to pull off with complete Buffer style. Low and behold he has done it, and although you could not tell on the live broadcast (believe me a was looking for it) Joe Rogan has got it fully documented right here, including pre and post interviews.

Hat tip to Joe. *and my boy Eddy B. in the background actin a fool.

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Jul 15 2009

Sign Surfin

Kit, Cole and I surfing the sign after breakfast and a long weekend of PFC fights. Thanks Tracy for the pic


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