Oct 21 2009

Blackberry Upadates: Bold 2 9700 and Texting While Driving a Ferrari

black berry Ninja

I cant wait for the Bold 2, aka Onyx, aka Bold 9700 to come out. Here is a sick little video that gives a sneak preview into the beauty that is the latest and greatest BlackBerry. Hopefully my inside sources will come through again at AT&T and allow me to get my hands on this baby a couple weeks before the official release date.

Some might know I am a bit of a Blackberry addict, there for i think this little texting while driving a Ferrari manuver is pretty funny. Look for it about a minute into the video, and its worth taking a glimps at the other tasks he can do while driving.

p.s. Don’t test and drive, it is not safe. Don’t knit either (driving or not…)

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